Adding more bite to Choco Lava’s brand performance

With digital penetration increasing day by day, executing GroupM Pakistan’s first-ever digital-only campaign enabled us to innovatively reach new audiences.

Peak Freans Choco Lava


Peek Freans popular chocolate-filled treat, Choco Lava, was seeing a decrease in sales and awareness month-on-month. With a core audience of 8-13 years olds, mSix&Partners was tasked with changing direction for the brand.

What we did

On analysing the brand and its core audience’s preference for digital, we chose to execute the brand owner’s – English Biscuit Manufacturers (EBM) - first digital-only campaign.Researching in detail our target group’s online behaviour, we divided the audience into four age categories, then identified the relevant mediums for each group. For example, 5 – 8 YouTube only, 9 – 12 YouTube and mobile games, 13 – 17 Fb, Insta, Spotify, Games, YouTube etc.

To create a more customised and engaging experience, we executed EBM’s first-ever director mix and industry-first multilayered gaming experience on the InMobi network. We also tapped into large portions of the sports and music audience by creating exclusive branding for Patari music and Spotify and for live streaming of the EPL on Tapmad. We also targeted the gaming centre of the SHAREit app. Overall, we were active across a broad range of platforms, reflecting our digital-only approach.


  • 8% lift in purchase intent and 25% lift in ad recall on Google BLS
  • 77% of ad recall followed an industry-first pulse survey on InMobi network
  • Campaign shortlisted for InMobi regional case study where we achieved 90% completion rate and a positive ad recall on Facebook BLS
  • 16% uplift in on-ground sales during the campaign month, despite being an upper funnel campaign