Connecting hearts during the pandemic

Fujifilm instax was losing relevance (even more so with the pandemic) and wanted to stay relevant by connecting meaningfully with its consumers during the pandemic.



At a time when smartphones have become a constant companion for today’s consumers, cameras are losing relevance. Instax is Fujifilm’s instant camera brand which was struggling to gain share in a declining category.

The Covid scenario made things worse, the brand was further losing relevance with the social distancing norms and limited occasions for usage. We wanted to make Instax a part of consumers’ life even through a difficult time.

What we did

The pandemic had conjured feelings of fear and anxiety, particularly amongst those affected and hospitalized. Caregivers also were behind their PPE suits and masks when they attended to the patients, which made the whole interaction severely impersonal.

We looked at how we could bring in a human touch to this interaction by integrating Instax into these moments. The central thought was around how Fujifilm Instax can play a significant role in ‘connecting hearts’ at a time when isolation of COVID patients brought in added anxiety of separation from their loved ones. This was done by putting the Instax printed picture on the PPE suits of the doctors thus connecting the patient and the doctor. This added a human touch between the patient and the healthcare worker relationship in a simple and unusual manner. 



hospitals reached in Delhi and Bangalore


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