North America

Creating cross-selling synergies to boost Clarin’s success

By going further, faster we were able to ramp up brand awareness and increase revenue.

Clarins Eye Lift

By shortening the market lifetime of a soon-to-be discontinued product, we unlocked further budget for Clarins thus creating a cross-sell opportunity across their brand portfolio.


Clarins frequently has to balance media support for competing products within its extensive brand portfolio. With minimal budget increase, our goal was to introduce a new product to market while securing "Double Serum" positioning as the #2 serum in the US.

What we did

  • Created a flighting and audience strategy that allowed each product to be uniquely featured while allowing the other to draft off its visibility
  • Maximised momentum and increased the value of media in the market through our flighting and audience hand-offs
  • Shortened the time in market, unlocking budget, and introduced serum ad engagers to the new eye product, thus creating a cross-sell opportunity to offset cannibalisation


Total Eye Lift was rated #6 eye treatment product in the US.

Total Eye Lift was rated #4 ‘best new product’ for Clarins based on revenue.