Going further, faster to attract younger car buyers

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Target group marketing strategies were no-longer driving growth for the Toyota Yaris. A data analysis of segmented buyers however revealed untapped potential in “young, female, addicted to entertaining” and “in need of an experience” audiences. With TV losing appeal amongst this TA, events cancelled and the Yaris largely unavailable during the pandemic, mSix&Partners set about finding a fast, fun way to win new Yaris customers.


We began with Facebook (Meta), and targeting our “young, female, addicted to entertaining” and “in need of experience” audiences with an interactive live game show.

Hosted by high-reach influencers Sarah Lombardi and Riccardo Simonetti, the Toyota Yaris Why Stop? Challenge saw the two battle each other as viewers playfully discover the features of the new Yaris, with the opportunity to win the model for a year. The leads generated during the teaser phase were addressed again in the launch campaign.


The campaign results were outstanding:

  • 3.3 million unique users within 2 weeks with a well above automotive benchmark CPL of €4.54
  • Over 60,000 viewers and >9,000 reactions within 1 hour of the conquest target group during the live show
  • 66% women <35 and over 6,500 qualified leads within 2 weeks