Tango-ing Gen X with innovative buzz-generating tactics

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Tango is a big brand with a small budget. Consistent underinvestment has led to an ageing out of their audience, with Gen Z perceptions of the Tango brand falling well below that of Millennial and Gen X audiences. Tango tasked us to tackle this trend, but with a budget of just £950k and 0.3% SoV, according to Britvic’s own data, the task became a little ‘awkward’...

What we did

With low SoV we chose to be single-minded in our focus. Tango is known for his boldness and wanted to associate themselves as the go-to drink for Gen Z when they found themselves in awkward situations – feeling awkward and awkward situations being an inevitable part of 18-24 yo life. Tango introduced brand character Tanguru as a way to help them regain control and identify a solution out of the awkwardness.

We bought media across Gen Z relevant environments that targeted and celebrated awkward moments, providing the perfect canvas for the Tanguru to fix Gen Z’s problems, and their perception of Tango to boot.

We played it smart in TV - buying Gen Z heavy programmes that are littered with awkward moments - Love Island, Naked Attraction and Gogglebox.

These 26 targeted ratings were supported with BVOD to ensure the hero AV asset could connect with our audience. We supplemented this by dominating two critical yet contrasting Gen Z hangouts – TikTok and chicken shops.

These were new environments for Tango, but we went all in; working with influencers to fix awkward moments and creating bespoke overlay assets with the Tanguru over some of TikTok’s most awkward viral videos. We also showcased some classic awkward moments in chicken shop D6s, supported with an all-out approach including takeaway boxes and branding the ‘Boss Man’. With all this media buzz, it would have been awkward if there hadn’t been any sales uplift, so we worked with Spotify to remind our audiences that the fuel to overcome awkwardness was available in Tesco, whenever they came within 300m of a Tesco store during our key lunchtime consumption moment.


The results were anything but awkward…


uplifts in Consideration


growth in the Tango RSV in 2021


of Tango investment for 2022 in digital