The #Forgotten500K

Since the start of the pandemic 500,000 immunocompromised people have needed a treatment called Evusheld to protect them against Covid-19, and allow them to live normal lives. In August 2022, Evusheld was shockingly denied roll out in the UK. As a result their lockdown has never ended. We had to find a powerful, flexible idea that humanised the issue and could put pressure on influential MPs to get over 500,000 people what they desperately need. The #Forgotten500k campaign offered a simple, compelling hook that brought together 16 charities, NHS clinicians, the patient group and the APPG parliamentary group. With minimal budget, we created social films, events, podcasts, print ads and a Westminster Advan, which harnessed the nation to see, hear, and help those affected. The campaign climaxed in a three-hour silent vigil in parliament square. We made #TheForgotten500 visible. We stoked conversation in corridors of power and drove real change. The result, AstraZeneca announced Evusheld had been made available privately for the first time ever in the UK. It became the most raised topic with the Government, whether directly in parliament or through written requests and the NICE judgement was brought forward from summer to January 31st 2023.

Evusheld, COVID, The Forgotten 500