How we helped grow the Sabella brand across the Malaysia

Sabella Case Study

The Challenge

The tailored clothing labelled Sabella was sold through middle-men who also traded a variety of items including other local fashion. Hence Sabella had low brand awareness/recognition. To scale the business to the next level, we changed the business model by taking the brand direct to consumer.

The Insight

Total addressable market: Convenience-seeking and cost-conscious Malay Women who wants to dress to impress with new wardrobe frequently. – base audience 3.5mill.

The Strategic Idea

‘AnugerahJuaraLagu’ an award show, the single-largest platform that brings glamour, grandeur and fashion together made a perfect stage for Sabella fashion showcase. AnugerahJuaraLagu reaches 2.9 million audience within a night.

What We Did

We seamlessly integrated every element of Sabella.

  • The pre-show foyer was dressed like a Sabella-branded fashion window where it served as a backdrop for celebrities’ selfies and interviews, creating visibility for Sabella even before the show started
  • Celebrities proudly show up in Sabella fashion and shared stories about every piece that they wore and encouraged viewers to find out more about Sabella
  • During the show, we announced Sabella's RM 1million Prize Contest in conjunction with the launch of Sabella app. FaizalTahir, a prominent Malaysian singer made the announcements and debut a brand-new Sabella jingle in a tailored Sabella Jacket
  • Singer Shiha told the story of Sabella's transformation, from a simple seamstress to a glamorous fashion brand, by doing a costume change in the middle of her performance. The audience was then told to flock to YouTube or the brand's social channels after the show to watch the behind-the-scene video

The Results

Brand awareness grew +1,190%, i.e. 3Million unique consumers.

Delivered MYR1million sales overnight through the direct-to-consumer mobile app and sales was sustained throughout the following 6 months.