Audience Planning – Growing

What do you do?

You’ll have our agency processes and your particular discipline firmly under your belt. You’ll understand our way of working but will no doubt be able to see room for improvement. Through regular meetings you’ll have started to build relationships with your clients. Task-wise, you’ll have ownership of medium-sized projects and will often oversee the work of one or two others.

Job titles could include:

  • Audience Planner

What do your responsibilities look like?

You’ll lead your own projects and will have no problem working on your own to deliver tasks. You may also train and manage juniors. This is what your job entails:

  • Carrying out charting of pre-existing data and/or populating templates built largely by other
  • Present own work to internal stakeholders as needed and can present to clients from time to time
  • Supporting the delivery of strategic direction and/or investigating hypothesis which is typically given by a more senior member of the Audience Planning team or a strategist
  • Translating internal audience briefs through the relevant tools for further investigation

How do you affect process and innovation?

As a manager you’ll be making sure processes are carried out properly. You’ll also be encouraged to spot any opportunities for account-specific improvements and better ways of doing things.

What skills do you need?

  • Diligent and clear approach to charting and reporting that is both thorough and without errors
  • Working understanding of key digital capabilities
  • Hands on proficiency with essential quantitative and analytics tools

What training is required?

  • WPP Open AI Academy Essentials
  • MRS Certificate
  • MRG Tools of the Trade
  • Specific tools training (e.g. GWI, YouGov Profiles/BrandIndex)
  • IPA Foundation Certificate
  • Syndicated research/platform training