A career in finance can be multifaceted, offering a variety of roles requiring different skillsets. Such roles can vary significantly depending on the size of the business and industry you work in.

Roles in our agency would likely be very different to a role with the same title in a bank, retailer or professional services firm. Given the breadth of different roles available across the job market, there is very often no ‘standard’ career path that looks the same across all types of company. In our industry and at m/SIX, progression from Finance Assistant to Commercial Director or to CFO can happen in different ways, in order to gain a rounded set of experience and skillsets needed to become a senior finance leader. Each individual is likely to have a different career path depending on individual motivations and interests.

We will be updating this section of the website with a map of some example career paths shortly, but in the meantime please don’t hesitate to raise any questions you may have with your line manager or People Lead.