7 April 2022

mSix&Partners been named as one of Campaign Magazine UK’s Best Places to Work 2022!

We’ve been named as one of Campaign Magazine UK’s Best Places to Work 2022!

The scheme celebrates employers who can show they know how to create environments where people love to come to work.

Out of 11 large companies (over 200 employees) that made it to the top 100 of Campaign’s Best Place to Work 2022 list, mSix&Partners was ranked #3 large company!

Campaign noted that our agency’s structure is unique in the way it borrows the best people from our parent companies, whilst retaining the freedom to encourage and reward entrepreneurialism through a culture shared with The&Partnership. This allows our mSixers more time to think innovatively and creatively.

We are also extremely proud to highlight that we are one of the only agencies to have an equal 50/50 gender ratio within our leadership UK team.

We’re over the moon to receive this honour and importantly, have our mission recognised by Campaign Magazine – to make mSix&Partners the most important place in people’s careers.

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